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The increase is intended to reflect the increased cost to the BCC of acquiring land for park and recreational purposes, but the Property Council notes that this figure should be considered in the light of the BCC’s recent Budget documents that identified inflation rates as 2.9 per cent and unimproved valuations across the City as increasing an average of 13.18 per cent.

Find Property Conveyancing has Colin Bunker, Manager Infrastructure Projects and Land Management, Department of State Development, explained the Department’s role in ensuring there was sufficient industrial land to support future economic development and provided specific examples of where the Department had purchased land to guide industrial development in an area.

This letting leaves us with a planned building of 7,250 sq m (78,000 sq ft) to complete the World Business Centre complex and we are now actively marketing this final phase. Existing tenants at World Business Centre 1 and 2 are Regus, SAS, Lufthansa, Emery, World Duty Free and Dream

Welbeck Land Limited has been granted outline planning consent by Swansea City Council for its 13,935 sq m (150,000 sq ft) bulky goods retail development on Carmarthen Road, Swansea. The £18 million scheme will comprise of one single DIY unit with an adjacent builder’s yard and garden centre.

Neil Johnson of Welbeck says: “We are currently in discussions with a number of major DIY operators and are expecting to achieve a rent circa of £129.17 per sq m (12 per sq ft).

In considering changed rates of take-up of industrial land, Mr. Cumming focused on the importance of the whole package, including the provision and costing of infrastructure.

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Queensland division executive director Robert Walker said that the Department had inexplicably altered its 50-year-old valuation method, utilized selectively on some centers, leading to rises in unimproved values of up to 650 per cent.

This decision by DNR will plunge the Queensland property market into meltdown mode,” he said. “Tens of thousands of ordinary Queenslanders whose superannuation is invested in the Queensland property market will have their retirement funds slashed as a result of this decision for Right property Conveyancing.

King Sturge is the letting agent for the commercial space and Leeds-based Morgans is advising Welfield Limited on the residential space. It is expected that work will start on site in 2002, following the relocation of the Post Office, and the buildings will be available in 2004.

Teesland and Sterling Capitol are currently actively marketing the office building for pre-lets and are in detailed negotiation with both a residential developer and a hotel operator.

Mr. Walker added that the DNR had utilized a provision in the Land Valuations Act that has sat dormant for the past 50 years and which was originally inserted into the Act as a method of valuing rural properties.

The key feature of the development will be a newly created 30 metre wide central piazza, which will create a new focal point for this area of Leeds, allowing for the provision of restaurants, bars and retail facilities on the ground floor of the development.

He said. I think you would also.Now that DNR have proceeded along this path, the valuation of other sectors will come under close scrutiny, particularly the residential sector.

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The piazza will also create a pedestrian link to Whitehall Road, the nearby railway station, central business district, and the other developments in the area. The imposing office building of 10 stores will front Whitehall Road and will feature blue glass technology on the south facing elevation, a first for Leeds.

Property conveyancing conveyancers Melbourne are large open plan floor plates, of 1,395 sq m (15,000 sq ft) are capable of being let as a whole or subdivided and will reinforce the ‘Western Corridor’ of Leeds as the new core office area. The apartments will be contained in a high quality 14-storey tower with duplex penthouses on the upper levels offering stunning views both across the City and into the countryside.

The Government has kept its promise to the property industry and not raised stamp duty rates in this budget, Not only have they not increased property-related taxes, they have increased capital works expenditure, which is vital to the State if it is to grow with its rapidly increasing population.

Our current infrastructure is not coping with the State’s present population. With the Government’s announcement today that they will be investing $5.3 billion – an increase of almost half a billion dollars from the previous 12 months – Queensland will be on its way to providing the hard infrastructure needed to service its community.

Mr. Walker congratulated the State Government on its continued drive in recognizing the role that public private partnerships maintained in providing major infrastructure throughout the State.

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We commend the Government for recognizing the vital role that property has in the development of Queensland,” he said. We encourage Government to undertake a comprehensive review of state taxes, with a view to reducing redundant state taxes, such as stamp duty and land tax, particularly in light of GST positive revenue expected in the coming years.

Settling a property currently the Government is analyzing five major infrastructure projects and, if they proceed, will generate $1.5 billion worth of investment he said.
The new Lord Mayor’s inaugural budget handed down today has received the property industry’s approval, delivering below inflation rate increases and highlighting the need for more Council infrastructure spending.Property Council of Australia executive director Robert Walker commended Lord Mayor Tim Quinn on his first budget, saying that it was “very encouraging” that the Brisbane City Council had acknowledged the need for greater infrastructure spending in Brisbane and also for allocating almost a quarter of its entire budget to transport and traffic.

The Council’s commitment of almost a quarter of its entire budget to transport is a clear recognition of the desperate need to address one of the most significant issues facing Brisbane in the next ten years,” Mr. Walker said. However, whilst the Property Council congratulates Cr Quinn on the continued funding for the North-South Bypass tunnel and the development of the Green Bridge, still more needs to be done to improve the flow of commuters in and out of the CBD to safeguard the economic health of this city.

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Mr. Walker said he welcomed the Council’s acknowledgement of the city’s poor infrastructure and the $252 million allocated to improving it in the next year. The Property Council has long been advocating the need for increased spending in infrastructure in the Brisbane CBD and fringe,” Mr. Walker said.

We are pleased that Council has finally acknowledged the suffering infrastructure in this city and are encouraged by Lord Mayor Quinn’s commitment to improving its standard.

However, the $252 million Council has allocated in this budget to infrastructure is just a starting point. We need a greater commitment to raise Brisbane’s infrastructure to an acceptable standard.

Mr Walker also said that despite soaring valuations, Cr Quinn only increased the valuation for commercial purposes outside the CBD by 2.68 per cent around the current inflation rate.

This budget result is very encouraging and we are pleased the Cr Quinn has made infrastructure and transport a priority for Brisbane. We look forward to working with him for a viable prosperous economic outcome for this city. like E Conveyancing Agency Adelaide .

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The structure of the existing Post Office tower is to be retained but reclad with modern materials, together with two new multi-storey extensions. The 200-bedroom hotel will have frontage onto both Wellington Street and the new piazza and is expected to offer both long-term stay rooms and conference facilities.

Chris Dalzell, Development Director of Sterling Capitol PLC added, “Mixed use developments of this type are the way forward as our cities continue to evolve and grow.West Central will provide an important and exciting new addition to the lifestyle of Leeds as a vibrant place to live, work and relax.

Carey Jones of Leeds has been retained as architects for the development following its award-winning work on Princes Exchange in Leeds.

The West End and City sub-markets of the London office market will continue to retain by far the largest numbers of occupiers despite claims that fringe areas will challenge their dominance over the next few years.

Latest research from property advisor DTZ shows that loyalty to the prime West End and City markets is considerable with major occupier sectors including US lawyers and the Japanese in particular showing no signs of willingness to relocate out of these areas despite office rents reaching record levels from Property Conveyancing business in Brisbane.

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This knowledge will provide property professionals with a better understanding of the transactions and the linkages in the commercial property market, giving you the tools to make superior property decisions.
Get Enact Conveyancing Sydney report examines the locational loyalties of established Central London occupiers from 1985 to the third quarter of 200 and includes approximately 1,580 significant transactions accounting for around 7.2 million sq m (77.6 million sq ft) of office space.

During September and October 1999, the Property Council of Australia surveyed its Victorian membership in relation to the preparedness of businesses for GST. This report summaries the results of the survey and comments on the main issues.

This is of particular concern when it is considered that only two of the responders had specifically appointed someone to oversee the GST implementation. All other responders had simply added responsibility for GST to the role of the financial controller or similar role within the organization.

In one instance, the responsibility for GST was assumed by the managing director. This is of concern as it will be an additional burden for those people and runs the risk that there will not be sufficient time available to devote to the broad ranging issues that will arise from GST on top of the day to day requirements of those roles.

Of further concern is that of those organizations that intend to establish a GST task force, 30% of them had not yet done so. 16% indicated that they would not even be establishing a GST task force, placing an additional burden on the person nominated as being responsible for GST.

Consistent with the general message being delivered in relation to GST implementation, none of the respondees had appointed specific general taxation personnel to the role of co-ordinating GST implementation by Best property conveyancing in Melbourne .


Only 16% of respondees thought that they would be recruiting additional staff to deal with the GST.Only 19% of respondees had operations in a country where GST or VAT currently operates.

However, those organisations that had operations in countries where a GST or VAT currently operated had made enquiries of those operations in relation to GST.

Interestingly, 16% of respondees had not sought advice from external consultants on GST issues and 6% indicated that they did not anticipate doing so.

Responses indicated that the issue of GST in contracts had generally been addressed.Over 80% have reviewed standard contracts and contracts spanning the GST start date for GST issues.

Also, over 80% had developed a standardised approach to addressing GST in new contracts and established a process for review of contracts for GST issues.

The report shows that occupiers in the West End core sub-markets of Mayfair and St James’s, for example, are especially loyal with these markets home to the international corporate sector.

Similarly, in Soho, the concentration of advertising, television and film production companies has meant that these occupier types have remained extremely loyal to the area and its complementary concentration of support services.

All but one respondee indicated that they would be using a computerised system for GST compliance. 62% indicated they had already briefed relevant personnel in relation to system requirements on the transition to a GST and in relation to on-going GST compliance Tax depreciation .

However, 16% had not yet identified whether the existing systems would be able to address GST. There is some concern within the computer industry that there will not be sufficient staff within Australia to cope with the continuing Y2K needs as well as GST demands between now and 1 July 2000. Therefore, it is suggested that these system requirements need to be addressed as a matter of urgency.

Approximately one third to one half of responders had not considered the impact of GST on the production of financial reports and upon other tax calculations and return preparation.

Tax Depreciation & Capital Allowances

Where costs of transition of GST were included in the budget, the figures ranged from $2,000 to $24,000,000.Over half of the responders had not yet developed a strategy for dealing with customers or suppliers in relation to GST. Over half had not yet trained sales and purchasing staff on GST issues.

The CG&E’s residential gas customers Over 40% indicated that they had not yet determined the GST classification of the supplies that they made. There was one situation indicated where the classification was unknown.

There were a significant number of input taxed supplies identified by the responders. This is interesting when the nature of the responders, as indicated above, is considered, as they would not obviously be considered to be financial service organizations (the main area of input taxed supplies). Over 40% indicated that they did not know whether they would be making financial supplies for GST purposes.

The Docklands has proven attractive to those tenants who require very large buildings; of the 31 occupational transactions in Central London above 22,970 sq m (300,000 sq ft), 13 were located in Docklands.